Acrylic Kit

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Easily sculpt professional salon acrylic nails at home. With 40 tips in both French and Natural styles, no you can get multiple looks in one versatile kit.

20 French tips, 20 Natural tips, 5g/0.20 oz. Clear Acrylic Powder, 14.7 ml/0.50 fl.oz. Acrylic Liquid, 0.10 oz. (3g) Ultra Quick nail glue, 1 Buffer, 1 Brush


  1. Select nail tip to fit you bare nail
  2. Apply a small amount of glue to nail tip and press firmly on natural nail
  3. Trim nail tips to desired length and shape
  4. Pour acrylic liquid into a small bowl, filling halfway
  5. Dip sculpting brush into the acrylic liquid, wiping all excess on side of the bowl
  6. Place acrylic ball in center of nail. Blend into a smooth surface by patting side to side over the width of the nail and brushing forward. Repeat
  7. File and smooth nail when acrylic products are completely dry. Finish with the polish of your choice

Removal: Soak in acetone polish remover

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Acrylic Kit

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