Do-It-Yourself Beauty

With the economy still slow to recover, skip the expense of nail salon visits with these three beauty treatments you can do at home.

Gel Nails
Gel nails look great because they closely resemble the natural nail. Gel nails are similar to acrylic nails, as they are both made from a combination of a monomer liquid and polymer powder. However, gel nails, unlike traditional acrylic nails, contain additional short chain monomers, known as oligomers that make the nails more flexible. Nailene has several options to create the gel look at home:

For a complete kit, try Nailene’s Ultra Quick Gel Kit (71289). You can create salon perfect looks for a fraction of the price.

Or, you can do the full-on gel application just like they do in the salon, using:

UV Gel Curing Lamp 71344
UV Gel Kit 71356
UV Gel Brush 71357

And one of these base colors:
Shimmer Pink (71351), Nude Beige (71352), or French Pink (71354)

Watch the video above for step by step instructions.

Acrylic nails are the most commonly used artificial nails since they are durable and strong. Additionally, acrylic nails can be designed with various art work and creativity, which can really give you a unique and glamorous look. To do the acrylic process at home, try Nailene’s Deluxe Salon Acrylic Kit (77197). This is the complete professional kit for multiple acrylic nails and fills. You can now do this salon process easily and conveniently from your own home at a price you can afford. This kit contains all the necessary components, all housed in a handy case.

French Manicure
Who doesn’t love a French Manicure? French manicures are manicures designed to resemble natural nails, and are characterized by their natural pink base nails with white tips. Hollywood starlets often sport a French manicure for an elegant look, as it is a tried and true beauty “do”.

Nailene’s French Manicures and our different manicure shades will complement most skin tones, and each chip-resistant lacquer is specially formulated for long wear as it helps harden natural nails. Try our Sassy Pink (66335) for a shade that won’t steer you wrong.